Commissioner Hearings and Bail Reviews

If you are arrested for a violation of Maryland law, the authorities are required to take you to a judicial officer, almost always a Court Commissioner, within 24 hours. At the hearing, you are informed of what charges have been filed against you, advised of your right to an attorney, and a determination is made regarding what bond, if any, will be set.

The Maryland Court of Appeals has ruled that you have the right to be represented by an attorney at Commissioner Hearings. If you qualify financially, you may be eligible to have a court-appointed attorney to represent you. If you do not qualify or if you prefer your own attorney, you may hire one.

William Cooke has successfully represented many people at Commissioner Hearings and may be available to assist you if you are arrested. Call at any hour – 410-905-2185. Credit card payments may be made on the right side of this website.

In the event that the Commissioner does not release you, you will have a bail review before a District Court judge within the next business day. It is not uncommon for a District Court judge to release people who have been held by a Commissioner. William Cooke is also available to represent you in these hearings. Call now for representation – 410-905-2185.