In Maryland, even if you have been found guilty of a crime, it is possible, in many situations, to convince a judge to modify your sentence. If the judge modifies your sentence to Probation Before Judgment, your conviction disappears and your charge can eventually be expunged.

If you have a loved one is in jail or prison, it may be possible to convince the judge to reduce the sentence. While there are no guarantees, in many situations a judge can be convinced that sending your loved one to drug treatment is better than having him just sit in prison. This is often done through what is called an 8-505 and an 8-507, because those are the sections of the Health General Article that allow a judge to do this.

If you have been previously charged with a crime and were not convicted, or in certain circumstances even if you were convicted, it is possible to get old charges expunged. Some people, including potential employers, neighbors, and friends, will run your name through Casesearch. They may not understand or care that whatever charge you had did not result in a conviction. Some will still hold it against you. If you need help with the expungement process, contact us today.

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