A native of Maryland who grew up in Baltimore, William Cooke graduated with honors from the University of Baltimore School of Law in 2002 and was admitted to the Maryland Bar later that year.

From 2003 until 2007, he was a prosecutor in Baltimore City Circuit Court where he handled everything from Juvenile cases to serious felonies. He successfully handled countless cases and had numerous jury trials.

Wanting to use his legal skills to help people directly, in 2007, he joined the Office of the Public Defender in Anne Arundel County where he worked for nearly ten years in the Circuit Court. He later moved to Annapolis where he now resides and works.

Despite having an extremely heavy caseload at the Office of the Public Defender, he worked hard to effectively resolve cases for his clients. He gained extensive experience investigating and defending all types of cases, including murder cases. Most of his victories, including dismissals and not guilty verdicts, never made the press and his clients were able to go back to their lives.

He has volunteered at Anne Arundel County’s Homeless Resource Day to help the most vulnerable members of society with their legal issues. In 2014, he served on the Public Safety Committee, Police Subcommittee for Annapolis Mayor Mike Pantelides’s Transition Team. Along with his committee members he had meetings with the Chief of Police and other officials and offered recommendations to try to improve the quality of policing in Annapolis.

Zealous Advocacy

If you are his client, it is William Cooke’s obligation to fight for you. His passion for your defense is driven by his belief that the system is often unfair and should be fixed.

Shortly after leaving the State’s Attorney’s Office, he joined Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, an advocacy group that is opposed to the War on Drugs. He believes that drug prohibition is immoral and violates the rights of people. He has successfully defended people in many drug cases.

William Cooke donated money to fund the movie, Bloodsworth, An Innocent Man, about Kirk Bloodsworth, who was wrongly accused and convicted of the rape and murder of a little girl. Bloodsworth was reviled by the community and sentenced to death, despite the fact that he was completely innocent. Nine years later, he was released after DNA evidence cleared him. William Cooke understands that sometimes innocent people are wrongly accused and that while they may appear guilty, often times they are not. If you are innocent, he will leave no stone unturned and will fight to clear you.

Even if you are guilty, you need an experienced attorney to help evaluate the evidence and what the State can prove. The State has to prove you guilty, beyond a reasonable doubt. They also must follow the Constitution and other laws. There is nothing wrong with pleading not guilty, even if you are actually guilty, if the State does not have sufficient evidence.

Even if the State does have sufficient evidence, there is a good chance that the State has overcharged you and/or will seek an unreasonable sentence. William Cooke will fight for your right to receive a fair resolution that takes into consideration your unique circumstances. Many good people sometimes make bad decisions and that should not define their entire lives. Everyone is better than the worse thing that he or she has ever done.

Based in Annapolis, William Cooke is able to take cases all over the State of Maryland. Give us a call today. Experienced and passionate, as your attorney, William Cooke will fight for you.

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