Pay with Bitcoin

For years I have been following the rise of Bitcoin. I found the idea fascinating, but I never went through the trouble of actually buying any of them. As I have watched Bitcoin rise in price, I have been kicking myself for not buying Bitcoins when they were cheap.

If you were smart enough to buy Bitcoin, or other crypto-currencies, and find yourself in need of legal services, you are now in luck. I am now able to accept Bitcoin as payment.

Thanks to, you can pay in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, or LiteCoin. The “coins” automatically go on the market where they are sold for dollars, which are then deposited in my firm’s account.

I realize that many don’t like or understand Bitcoin. Bitcoin has been used for criminal enterprises (just like cash is). Yet for many people, it is a revolutionary concept that will change the world. I don’t take a position on its value. But as long as other people are willing to pay for it, it has use as a means a digital currency.