DUI/Major Traffic

A DUI is a major traffic offense that can have serious consequences for you, your license, and your insurance.

However, just because you were charged, does not mean that you are guilty or should plead guilty. It is possible that the officer violated your rights when he pulled you over and the case could be thrown out. It is also possible that the police made other mistakes that could benefit you.

William Cooke is an experienced Maryland lawyer who has handled many DUI cases. He has taken cases to trial and won. He has negotiated good results in many more cases. Even if you are guilty and the State can prove it, you want a lawyer who will still fight for the best possible result.

If you are facing another major traffic offense, such as Driving While Suspended, give us a call. Many good people have had their licenses suspended, often unfairly. But it may be possible to fix the situation, so you stay out of jail and get your license issues resolved. Many people become trapped in a vicious cycle with the MVA and the courts and are unable to resolve their problems without professional help.

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